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  • 1932 - Katherine L. Bradley, who bought the land in 1921, loses the property to foreclosure.
  • 1935 - James Messer first clearly identified as owner of San Luis consisting of 362 acres although he bought it sometime prior.
  • 1938-39 - The Messer House is built on the site of the old plantation house which was still standing when Messer purchased the property.
  • 1960 - San Luis de Apalache (Mission San Luis) earns the National Historic Landmark designation.
  • 1983 - The State of Florida purchases the central 50 acres of the site in September from James Messer's widow.
  • 1996 - Descendants of the Louisiana Apalachees reveal their continued existence and identification with their Apalachee forebears to San Luis researchers.
  • 1998 - Drawing on 15 years of archaeological and historical research, the rebuilding of Mission San Luis begins in earnest.