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  • 1702 - The Apalachicolas break a peace treaty with the Apalachees out of anger stemming from trade restrictions, particularly the outlawing of horse trading.
  • 1703 - Apalachicolas strike San Joseph de Ocuya, the first Apalachee mission to be destroyed.
  • 1704 - The remaining Apalachee missions are destroyed by the English and their Creek allies, or by surviving Apalachees who had abandoned the province before the end of July; Apalachees from San Luis migrate to French territory in Mobile.
  • 1705 - Admiral Landeche visits San Luis with a Spanish force; his reconnaissance parties found no people or cattle in the province.
  • 1715 - Yamasee and Creek rebellion against the British.
  • 1716 - Diego Peña, the first Spaniard to visit San Luis since 1705; he renews ties with Apalachicolas.
  • 1718 - Spanish presence restored with a fort at St. Marks; a few Apalachees are settled nearby.
  • 1728 - Last mention of Apalachees near the St. Marks fort; a nearby Yamasee village suffered a severe attack by Uchises.
  • 1763-4 - Spaniards surrender Florida to the English; Spanish garrison withdraws from St. Marks; Apalachees in Mobile move west to Louisiana's Red River to escape British rule.