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Resources for Teachers: Grade 3-5

  • A Teacher's Guide*
  • Lesson Plans:
    • From Spanish Moss to Spanish Style: Spanish and Apalachee Clothing Styles: *In this lesson, students learn about the difference in Spanish and Apalachee Indian clothing styles. Through class discussion and group activities, students will discover the changes that occurred in the Apalachee attire after the two cultures interacted at Mission San Luis.
    • Gender Roles*: In this lesson students will learn about gender roles through the traditional gender representations found in 17th century Florida. During their lesson students, will create and organize dates to compare and analyze gender roles at Mission San Luis as well as their own families.
    • My Own Timeline*: In this lesson, students will learn about timelines, linear representations of important events organized in the order in which they occurred. While learning this concept, students also will be presented with key dates in Florida’s history and will recognize the importance of the state’s colonial past, as well as their own family’s personal histories.
    • New Food in the Pot: Changes to the Spanish & Apalachee Diet*: In this lesson, students will learn about the foodways of the Spanish and Apalachee Indians. Through class discussion and assigned readings, students will recognize how culture and environment contribute to food preferences. Students will interpret readings to answer questions related to main ideas and relevant details.
    • Trade & Travel in the Apalachee Province: *In this lesson, students will learn through group discussion and team work, about the methods used for trade and travel in the Apalachee Province by both the Spaniards and the Apalachee Indians. This theme is reinforced with the use of vocabulary words, interpretation and labeling of maps, and mathematical word problem solving.
    • Why Cultures Change: *In this lesson students will review changes that occurred in the Apalachee and Spanish cultures during their contact at Mission San Luis. They will research and discuss how and why these adaptations took place and how similar (or different) factors might prompt changes in coexisting cultures in other parts of the world and/or in different time periods.
  • Vocabulary Grades 3-5*
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